19. Booktalk Nineteen

Date: 21 August 2014
Venue: Foyles café & Made in Italy (Soho)
Participants/Friends: Natalie, Phil, Yingtong

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Merckx 69 by Tonny Struken & Jan Maes
Published by Bloomsbury
Photos by Tonny Struken; words Jan Maes; layouts Ron Reuman & Jan Maes; art direction Stephan Vanfleteren
ISBN 978-1-4729-1064-6
talk: A tribute book celebrating Merckx’s 69th year and perhaps the most important year in his career. An objective description and a subjective letter to Merckx dovetail each chapter (race). The typography is a bit gappy, but the book is more than redeemed by the stunning photographs.

Westminster Abbey 900 years by Westminster Abbey
Text by The Dean & Chapter of Westminster Abbey; design & production Roger & Robert Nicholson
talk: I think I picked this up in a car boot sale a long time ago. At first I thought that the format was too narrow but a closer look shows that it is perfect. Narrow views, portraits and treasures fit the single page well, and its occasional use sideways is a lovely pragmatic touch too.

The Ride (issue IV)
Editor Philip Diprose, ArtEditor Andrew Diprose
talk: Natalie showed The Plant a while ago: I brought this along because it reminded me of it a little – a new kind of elegance for the subject matter, and much original illustration.

A School for Design Fiction, by James Langdon
Published by Spector Books
ISBN 978-3944669274
talk: Been following works by Peter Nencini (for his experimentations and observations of the use and abstraction of objects) and James Langdon, both who collaborated to produce this publication. Good printing, & again Langdon’s use of unconventional type for reading.


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