18. Booktalk Eighteen – west

Date: 15 March 2014
Venue: At the exhibition ‘Lettering: objects, examples, practice’ at Central Saint Martins (Open until 12 April)
Participants/Friends: Josse, Natalie, Phil

Booktalk18_Viewing 3 Booktalk18_Viewing 1 Booktalk18_Viewing 2 Booktalk18_Viewing 4 Booktalk18_Viewing 5 Booktalk18_Viewing 6 JP_Gill 1 JP_Gill 2 JP_Gill 3 JP_Gill 4 JP_Gill 5 JP_Libanii 1 JP_Libanii 2 JP_Libanii 3 JP_Libanii 4 NB_Anderson12jpg NB_Tractatio 1 NB_Tractatio 2 NB_Tractatio 3 NB_Tractatio 4 PB_Gradual 2 PB_Gradual 4 PB_Gradual 7_01 PB_Gradual 7_02 PB_Gradual edit_01 PB_Gradual edit_02 PB_Questions 1 PB_Questions 2 PB_Questions 3 Poster1-2 Poster3-4

Gradual (a book of music for the sung mass service) with Latin text and illuminated capitals written on vellum. Original binding.
Bologna, c.1480
Questions and disputations upon Genesis, by Nicholas Gibbens
London: Felix Kyngston 1602
Tractatio nova de re equaria complectens partes tres, by George Simon Winters.
Nürnberg: Andre & Endter 1672
Four different typestyles used as a code for a textbook in four languages.
Motorway signs: The final report of advisory committee on traffic signs for motorways. 
London: Ministry of Transport 1962
This committee was chaired by Sir Colin Anderson and began work in 1957. Jock Kinneir was the consultant on design and his assistant was Margaret Calvert. Kinneir Calvert went on to work for the Worboys committee on signs for all-purpose roads 1961–4.
Libanii Sophistae epistolae, by Joannes Christophorus Wofius.
Amsterdam 1738
A dictionary of biography and mythology printed in Greek and Latin
Sheets for the guidance of the signwriters of W H Smith, by Eric Gill.
Blueprints mounted on fabric, 1907
These formed the basis of the housestyle which lasted until 1973.

‘I like books which grapple with several texts on the same page and the consequent arrangement. Here we have a main discussion arranged symmetrically on the spread, with copious notes bracketing it in the foredge and foot margins. The difference in type sizes is really all that enables one text to be differentiated from the other for there is no gutter to speak of! Note references run-on and are clear only by virtue of extra space either side.’
‘College is lucky to have two 15C graduals. One: a good running-hand but naive and smudgy initials and badly hacked pages; and this, nicknamed ‘the one’. Everything about this – including It’s original binding – is good. In selecting which opening to show I chose this which shows the full range of achievement: the running-hand for the sung parts. the small script for the rubrics (instructions), the larger letters within the text, and the illuminated initials.’

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