10. Booktalk Ten

Date: 24 June 2013
Venue: CSM graphics studio
Participants/Friends: Hyunho, Natalie, Yingtong

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Soon all your neighbours will be artists, by Harry Blackett & 8 people
Published by Eastside Projects
ISBN 978-19-06753-30-6
‘We Were Trying to Make Sense…’ Exploring Artist and Non-Artist Collaborations, by Magda Fabianczyk & Sophie Hoyle
Published using AND Public
ISBN n/a
Caslon Old Face, by Willam Caslon
Published by The Caslon Letter Foundry
ISBN n/a

Between Forms of Representation and Interpretation, by Andrés Ramírez Gaviria
Published by Onomatopee
ISBN 978-90-78454-85-4
Études des Gottnarrenmaschinen, by Shane Anderson
Published by Broken Dimanche Press
ISBN 978-3-943196-07-8



9. Booktalk Nine

Date: 10 June 2013
Venue: CSM Library
Participants/Friends: Yingtong, Hyunho

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How the Underground Works, by P E Garbutt
Published by London Transport
The Story of the Underground, by John R Day

Armando Andrade Tudela: Efectiviwonder, by Armando Andrade Tudela
Published by Ikon Gallery Ltd
ISBN 9781904864486
Lebensreform in Leitrim, by Sarah Browne
Published by Cottagelab
ISBN 978 0 9554976 5 0


How the Underground Works
P E Garbutt: Influential Underground railway planner at London Transport
An avid fan of the London Underground, H had a nifty deal for these two books at one of the Ephemera Society Fairs (£1 each?). Originally priced at 5 shillings/60p each. A very informative and beautifully illustrated account of the London Underground. Fantastic dense diagrams and maps of underground lines, including the signalling and handling of daily traffic, interchanges with other lines, days of opening and closing, technical drawings of its construction, and B&W photographs to go along. A fold out of the Underground Map by Garbutt included at the back.


8. Booktalk Eight

Date: 3 June 2013
Venue: The British Museum Drink, Shop & Do (N1 9DX)
Participants/Friends: Alissa, Yingtong, Hyunho

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The Five-Day Course in Thinking, by Edward De Bono
Lateral Thinking, by Edward De Bono

Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972, by Lucy R Lippard
1997 Reprint edition
Published by University of California Press
ISBN 978-0520210134
Intellectual Colours: Ryan Gander, by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Francesco Manacorda, Charles Esche & the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris
Published by Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 978-8836608751

The Address is the Art, by Mark Pawson
Published by M. Pawson
Edition of /500
Published by Black Dog Publishing Limited
ISBN 978 1 907317 52 1


The Five-Day Course in Thinking
Typographic Pelican cover from the 70s with nicely chosen colours and plenty of white space surrounding. Sectioned into three, five day courses that aims to help readers understand their approach in thinking. According to the description, “The focus of the book is directed less towards the solving of the problems, than at helping you understand your approach, and through this awareness, improve your thinking abilities.” H initially planned to follow these five day courses, but well, failed. We like how the sections can be easily navigated while flipping the top right corner of the pages, convenience in good design! The orange running heads echo the orange pages that separate each section while the contents and diagrams are also in either orange or black. Comes with a tightly margined slip-in card that instructs the user about the L Game and acts as the board game itself with its sectioned squares and grids to lay pieces on. Clever way of promoting/making the game accessible from the book format.
Lateral Thinking
Another Pelican on lateral thinking by de Bono, this is more text heavy for reading purposes rather than short paragraphed courses in The Five-Day Course in Thinking. Comes with abstract shapes and diagrams that follows the contents of the text. We do like patterns and shapes, adds dynamic to the seemingly intimidating lines of black text.

Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972
Just arrived in the morning post unopened so we all delightfully took a look into it together. A reprint of a 1973 text/essay that includes various documentation and ideas from 1966-1972 about what has been labelled as conceptual art. Nice clear distinction between different documentations arranged chronologically (e.g. interviews, essays etc.) Images bleeds off and are cropped out of the page. The first page started off with a quote about conceptual art by Sol LeWitt. YT is a sucker for quotes.
Intellectual Colours: Ryan Gander
Beautiful slip-in (bounded) section starters. Includes a reprinted essay on the aesthetics of Architecture, photocopied style pages consistent through the whole publication, seemingly rough and experimental but very well designed and coherent throughout different sections and contents. Large type (16pt?) Cover is deceiving with its dark reddish brown leather and gold title. Even the title of the book doesn’t tell much. A pleasant surprise when you see the insides.

The Address is the Art
Bought at the PA/PER View Art Book Fair at WIELS when we were there for the Fernand Baudin prize ceremony. A collection and publication of envelops sent to Mark Pawson, cropped, compiled, hand-sewn, published, and hand distributed. They are from anywhere and everywhere, including ones from utility bills, parcels, leaflets, letters from friends etc. Interestingly questions about what a publication can be, a readymade that is cropped into a book form? A’s is the 139th edition, where Mark plans to stop at 500. Each edition probably contains 20 envelopes each (we counted this edition). A likes how Mark takes something throwaway and makes something out of it. Due to the cropping, the interiors with are hidden in the envelope form are shown on the verso pages.
The first issue of a quarterly publication about topics and issues broached through Black Dog’s and WORK gallery’s publishing, exhibition and events. Authors and artists are featured in the publication includes photographer Olivier Richon, and artists Bob & Roberta Smith. There is a pretty hairy postcard illustration of a bum. Stumbled upon the address of Paperwork and realised it was right at Acton Street so we decided to check it out after. A & H went there excitedly to find out that it is closed till August.