1. Booktalk One

Date:  04 March 2013
Venue: CSM graphics studio
Participants/Friends: Hyunho, Natalie, Yingtong

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apartamento issue #10
Autumn/Winter 2012-13
Published by Apartamento Publishing S.L
Printed in CA Grafica. Vigo, Spain
ISSN 2013-0198
Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light, by Cyril Wong
First Edition, 2012
Published by Math Paper Press, Singapore
ISBN 978-981-05-9385-8
The Medium is the Massage, by Marshall McLuan & Quentin Fiore
Published by Penguin Books, UK
Printed by Taylor Garnett Evans, Watford

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0. About

Let’s talk about books; Let the books talk.

Booktalk is a sharing session that brings together books and friends, over cups of tea.
A small casual bunch of friends who read, collect, and have the urge to buy almost every book they lay their hands upon, decided it would be nice to get together to celebrate their mysterious affair with books. So we carefully select from our precious pile of books and get together every once in a while, pouring over them while we share interesting insights on why we bought and collected them, and discuss about their contents and design that caught our attention as well as emptied our pockets…

So, let the talks begin!